Trezor Suite®

Trezor Suite® offers unparalleled security and convenience in managing cryptocurrencies. Take control with advanced features, intuitive design, and peace of mind for your digital investments.


Trezor Suite® is not just a basic cryptocurrency management tool; it is packed with advanced features designed to enhance the user experience and provide greater control over digital assets. This article explores some of the advanced features of Trezor Suite® and how they can help you maximize your crypto experience.

Portfolio Tracking and Analytics

Trezor Suite® offers advanced portfolio tracking and analytics features that allow users to monitor the performance of their cryptocurrency investments. With real-time data and detailed charts, users can track the value of their holdings, analyze trends, and make informed decisions. The platform also provides historical data and performance metrics, enabling users to review their investment strategies and optimize their portfolios.

Coin Control

Coin Control is an advanced feature in Trezor Suite® that gives users greater control over their transactions. This feature allows users to select specific coins or UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs) to use for transactions, providing more flexibility and control over fees and privacy. By manually selecting UTXOs, users can optimize transaction fees and manage their spending more efficiently.

Custom Fee Settings

Trezor Suite® allows users to customize transaction fees based on their preferences and urgency. Users can choose between different fee levels, such as low, medium, and high, or set a custom fee manually. This flexibility ensures that users can prioritize speed or cost-effectiveness based on their needs, making it easier to manage transaction costs.

Passphrase Manager

The Passphrase Manager in Trezor Suite® provides an added layer of security for users who want to enhance their wallet protection. This feature allows users to create and manage passphrases, which act as an additional password for accessing the wallet. By using passphrases, users can create hidden wallets and further protect their digital assets from unauthorized access.

Tor Integration

For users who prioritize privacy, Trezor Suite® offers Tor integration. By enabling Tor, users can route their internet traffic through the Tor network, enhancing their anonymity and protecting their online activities from surveillance. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to keep their transactions private and secure.

Labeling and Notes

Trezor Suite® includes a labeling and notes feature that allows users to add custom labels and notes to their transactions. This feature makes it easier to organize and track transactions, especially for those who manage multiple accounts or use their wallet for various purposes. By adding labels and notes, users can quickly identify and categorize transactions, improving overall wallet management.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Trezor Suite® integrates with various third-party services to enhance functionality and provide a more comprehensive crypto management experience. Users can connect their wallets to exchanges, portfolio trackers, and other services, enabling seamless data synchronization and improving overall efficiency. These integrations allow users to access a wider range of tools and services directly from Trezor Suite®, streamlining their crypto management tasks.


Trezor Suite® offers a wealth of advanced features designed to maximize the user experience and provide greater control over digital assets. From portfolio tracking and coin control to custom fee settings and Tor integration, these features empower users to manage their cryptocurrencies more effectively and securely. By leveraging these advanced tools, users can enhance their crypto experience and ensure their digital investments are well-protected and optimized for success.

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